5 Must-Try Tacos In Wilmington

We’re looking at five local establishments so YOU can decide who has the best tacos in Wilmington, DE. A map of each taco spot can be found at the bottom of this page.

We can’t get enough of the tacos served by Jalapeno Grill. Located across from Autozone on Lancaster Ave, this Mexican restaurant has a medium-sized menu and the service is always great. Free order of chips and salsa when you sit down, too. Tacos are $1.50 on Tuesdays and $2.50 normally. They have all the basics plus other choices like beef tongue! Don’t forget to ask for the red and green hot sauces.


Jalapeno Grill Steak Taco

You could live in Wilmington for years and still overlook El Toro, a couple doors down from Dead Presidents restaurant on Union Street. El Toro is tiny with just 4 tables, but the front screen door is opening and closing all day because of how many people are getting takeout. Every time we eat at El Toro we taste the freshness in their toppings. Red and green hot sauces are here, too!


El Toro Taco

A popular restaurant you may not expect on this list is Scratch Magoo’s. Their tacos are extremely tasty and $2.50 on Tuesdays, 3 for $9 normally. This picture doesn’t do them justice but the sweet chipotle-style ‘sauce’ they put on top of all their tacos can only be described as delicious.


Scratch Magoo’s Beef & Chicken Tacos

Another taqueria you could easily pass by everyday is El Pique. When you walk in this joint you will most likely see two mexican ladies working the grill. They are pushing piping hot tacos on corn tortilla’s here. In addition to the normal red and green sauces, they have a third red sauce! You can get them “Original”, “American”, or “Tex-mex” style! Set aside $1.79 per taco if you’re thinking about giving this place a shot. Everyday they’re 4 for $6.


El Pique Tacos “Original” Style

We’ll finish off with perhaps the most popular restaurant of the five – El Diablo. El Diablo started its course in Trolley Square and has since grown into a 3-location business. Many compare it to Chipotle or Qdoba, but with more options for toppings. This is how America does tacos. You order your taco(s) and proceed down the counter, adding whatever “toppings” you choose (they let you add whatever fits). You can get one chicken taco for $2.50. Prices range from $7.50 (chicken) to $9 (steak) for 3.


El Diablo Tacos Loaded Up

Map of 5 Taqueria’s in Wilmington, DE


All Photos: Yelp


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