About Us

DrinkInWilm.com was created to become Wilmington, Delaware’s number one resource for the best drink and food specials in the city. There is no other site quite like ours and we plan to continue arming you with “local” knowledge that can be accessed on your computer, phone or tablet no matter how big Wilmington’s bar scene becomes!

At the top of our site you will see a menu where you can choose what day of the week it is. No jumping through hoops or signing in required. You will instantly see the city’s specials for that day. You may see some businesses labeled “featured” or “favorite”, which means the company has paid for that spot in our list, or maybe we just think that our friends really need to check out that restaurant’s specials!

If you click on a certain restaurant, you will be their information page, filled with nearly everything you need to know about it. We provide their phone number, address, map, weekly calendar of food specials of events, and more.