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We offer three avenues of engagement:

  • Homepage sidebar
  • Top spots on individual weekdays
  • Monthly email newsletter

Use this form to preview, pay for, and publish your ad! After your ad is created, you’ll be sent a link to track views and clicks.

Homepage 150×150: This ad shows up automatically after payment. This ad is a 150px square. Refer to our homepage to see a real example of a 150×150 ad. Your ad will be placed next to it!

Homepage 300×250: This ad shows up automatically after payment. This is an image 300px wide and 250px high below the 150px ad spots.

Weekdays: Pick a certain weekday and for the duration of your campaign, you will be the top spot for that day. There are a limited number of spots for any given day. Will show up on our site one hour after payment.

Email Newsletter: With every monthly email correspondence, we will mention your business in the most appropriate way possible. Have something you want us to mention? Let us know! Big event? Festival? Our email database wants to know about it!

If you don’t have any images to upload, on the form upload any random image you may have and we will create an ad that is in line with your company’s image free of charge. (Ignoring the junk image you used at checkout)

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