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City’s First Movie Theater Is Here


Source: News Journal

For years a Wilmington resident either had to drive to Newport, People’s Plaza, or Naamans Road to see a good movie. That all changed late last year when Penn Cinema opened its doors to the city of Wilmington on _____ . Penn Cinema, a 14-screen and IMAX theater is located around the Riverfront area, near the Blue Rocks stadium.

The theater is a $20 million project and the second location of Penn Cinema, which prizes itself on “the quality and technology of the biggest and best theater chains but the customer service of a mom-and-pop theater,” as a partner in the Lilitz, PA location has been quoted saying.

The amount of attention Wilmington’s Riverfront is receiving has us excited! This movie theater and the soon-to-be Weston hotel further extend Wilmington’s amenities.

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