These 10 Companies Own 25% of Wilmington’s Real Estate

The total value of all real estate in America is nearly unfathomable, with over $24.7 trillion in real estate value according the Federal Reserve’s Flow of Funds report published on Dec 8, 2016.

If you’ve been looking at Wilmington’s real estate market as close as we have, you may have noticed a slight uptick in prices over the last three years.

The lower end of Wilmington price range continues to move up; 3 years ago a search for sub-$30k homes in Wilmington revealed over 50 listings, today our Zillow search reveals about 10 pre-renovation homes in that price range). As this bottom continues to gets “bought up”, homes at all price levels will be affected positively.

We are always digging into the health of Wilmington’s finances and came across an interesting data table in the City of Wilmington’s Annual Budget.

The city lists the following companies as being the largest real estate taxpayers in the area, with the dollar figure representing the companies “total assessed value” of their real estate holdings.

Buccini/Pollin GroupOffice & Residential$139,388,600
JP Morgan ChaseOffice Building$55,463,100
M&T BankOffice Building$53,137,500
Bank of AmericaOffice Building$52,805,360
The Chemours Co FC LLCOffice Building$45,317,600
Delmarva PowerElectric & Gas Utility$42,626,500
DCL LeasingOffice Building$41,000,000
1201 N. Market Street LLCOffice Building$35,000,000
Calpine Mid-AtlanticElectric Generation$32,703,400
VerizonOffice Building & Utility$29,844,100

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