Wilmington, DE Shooting Crimes Down 62% From 2017
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Wilmington, DE Shooting Crimes Down 62% From 2017

We often refer to DelawareOnline’s Crime section and noticed something quite astounding on the statistics page today.

Shootings crimes this year, compared to last year, appear to have fallen drastically! Take a look at this screenshot from DelawareOnline. We are trusting this is the most accurate source of crime in Wilmington and believe it be accurate ourselves:

You will see on this day last year, compared to this day this year, all statistics are down significantly.

On May 20th in 2017, there had been 74 incidients so far. This year, Wilmington has seen 28 incidents. Respectfully, in regards to the number of people killed year to date, have also fallen greatly from 19 to 6.

Simply put, we believe Wilmington has an incorrect stigma regarding it’s crime, and when sorting crime rates in a database, yes, it can be ranked high if you put population filters (it doesn’t stand out if you don’t) but at some point, the raw figures must be addressed in our opinion.

Can a place be labeled Murdertown, USA (yes we’re still hearing faint echos of that thank you Newsweek) with on average 20-30 deaths per year, when there are cities like Chicago (650 killed in 2017) or Baltimore (343 killed in 2017)?

There have been 78 people killed in Philadelphia this year by gunfire compared to Wilmington’s 6.

We have asked people how many crimes and other statistics to they think occured in Wilmington compared to Philadelphia, and their responses have woken our urge to share factual numbers about what is really going on Wilmington. Many indeed have it backwards when asking “Two murder counts, 78 and 6, which one belongs to Philly, which one belongs to Wilmington”?

All of our future articles will be highlighting all of the good things Wilmington has to offer as we do our part to help change the perception of our wonderful little city.

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